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10Calc Business Calculator


10Calc is a professional printing calculator, designed for Windows 10 PCs, tablets and phones.
This app has all the accounting features you need to replace your old adding machine.
It’s actually much better, because you can save and reload tape files and search, print, or email them.
You can even correct tape errors, and insert or delete lines (try that on an adding machine!)
10Calc fully supports both touch and keyboard / keypad input, including hotkeys.


  • Simulated 12-digit multi-color printer tape
  • Fixed(0 – 6), auto, and floating decimals
  • Round off, down or up
  • Item counting (all and +/-) and averages
  • Tax add/subtract
  • Cost / Sell / Margin
  • Percentage and percent difference
  • Time entry (hh:mm) and + / – / x operations
  • Tape insert, delete, correct lines
  • Tape search, save, share and print
  • Selectable number format language
  • Help and tooltip (context help)

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TenCalc Business Calculator

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